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Point of Sale Software

Fast, easy to use and runs on multiple devices

Easy to learn, effortless to use

Ramsys POS is a fast, feature packed and utterly reliable point of sale app .

The clean user interface ensures that staff will find it easy to learn and effortless to operate.

CRM at POS and online

Engage with your customers at the counter with CRM and Loyalty modules that can fully integrate with your online solutions such as Magento and Shopify.

If you have an existing loyalty solution, talk to our Consulting and Development team about how we can integrate to it directly from POS.

Invent and Customise

Our development team produced more than 48 new features in our POS product in 2016. Ramsys customers can enjoy the benefit of a dedicated of custom development engineers on call to help you re-define your own in-store customer experience.

Examples of custom development include;
  • Connecting to an online third-party loyalty platform
  • Developing specific rules for staff discounts
  • Providing special features for click + collect orders

Reliable and Easy to Support

Ramsys POS runs on most Windows POS equipment and integrates with all major EFTPOS platforms. This moving to Ramsys POS easy and cost effective as you don't have to replace all of your costly equipment or disrupt your branch operations.

Combined with our technical support helpdesk, Ramsys POS is an extremely easy product to run and maintain.